Kornfeil excels at Saturday’s qualifiers in China

Saturday’s qualifying and heats at the MotoSurf WorldCup’s 2016 final round in China are concluded. Jakub Kornfeil came out ontop with Jan Charouz following in 2nd place.

Jakub Kornfeil and Jan Charouz are both well known racers and comfortably secured the Final A start.
A couple of mistakes cost the Championship leader Lukáš Záhorský placed him outside the top three and he took 4th.
Third fastest was Martin Šula. What a day for Helmut. A brilliant and clear ride put the hefty surfer from Prague to his first ever Final A appearance. His awesome performance brought well deserved applause from fans and riders in the paddock as well.

Locals Kenny Chan and Jeffrey Chan proved their speed and both finished inside the top ten. We shouldn’t forget there are still four places available in Final A for the fastest Final B racers.



Motosurf GP Championship Race in Cancun with JetSurf

Jetsurf is proud to be taking part in the annual Motosurf GP Championship race. The race is to be held between the 13-15th of May in the Chac Chi Bay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun Mexico. It features over 50 of the world’s top Motosurfing professionals. The way the bay is laid out makes it ideal both in terms of racing conditions as well as for fans watching the race ashore. The race will attract lots of fans and tourists who are eager to see the top MotoSurfing athletes go head to head.

The race will feature both Jakob Kornfeil of the Czech Republic & Martin Sonka the Red Bull pilot. After the race an awards ceremony will be held which will honor the 2016 winner as well as the previous 2 champions.

JetSurf will be livestreaming the event from our Facebook page, click here to like our page and get a notification when the race starts.

Below is a video of last year’s race:


Hampton Demo Day

jetsurf demos

Join us for demos on our JetSurf motorized boards this Memorial weekend 2017 in the Hamptons.

Contact Us and Schedule your Jetsurf ride today! Don’t miss this chance to experience an extreme thrill on the water.

Our motorized JetSurf boards are ultra-lightweight and extremely fun. You can take the board everywhere with you when you travel. It’s a two-in-one experience. Get into shape and have loads of fun at the same time.

For more information, you can send an email to [email protected] or call (212) 951-1171. We provide sales, service, post-purchase support and training.

MotoSurf Grand Prix Champion of 2015

Jakub Kornfeil, who placed first in the MotoSurf Grand Prix in Mexico, spend a lot of his off time enjoying his JetSurf board. Jakub beat out the other competitors with a finishing time of 01:07.29. He dominated all of his heats leading up to his victory as the MotoSurf Grand Prix Champion of 2015 in Mexico.

Watch this video of MotoSurf Grand Prix 2015 Champion, Jakub Kornfeil, riding his JetSurf board: