Jetsurf Celebrating 2016 Motosurf WorldCup Championship ceremony

2016 Motosurf WorldCup Championship ceremony

The MotoSurf WorldCup 2016 champions were officially crowned. The fans, all JetSurf dealers, and many MotoSurf WorldCup riders saw the top three motorize surfers receiving their WorldCup trophies. Obviously, one rider with the most significant progress compared to last season. Being a top three contender for the whole racing season long, Jan Charouz managed to earn 101 points to slip inside the top three. Jakub Kornfeil might be a fast guy with amazing body strength. One thing he really missed this season – consistency. Not converting his average speed into a race heats success prevented Jakub of getting the title and he finished second having scored 126 points under his season. If anyone deserves to be named MVS ( Most valuable surfer this season, it definitely must be Lukáš Záhorský. He was amazingly quick and super consistent. That’s a tough combination to beat. His 156 points remain undefeated and Záhorský becomes the 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup champion.

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Prague Jetsurf Club’s Martina Bravencová constructed her season up with solid performances. She finished Third and made a promising gain for the next year’s run. Mexican rider Ale Rivas had a perfect start to the season. Unfortunately, she wasn’t lucky enough to keep the pace up and took the second spot in the standings. Aneta Šacherová did it. Her domination in the 2nd half of the series doesn’t put any questions on the water. Aneta‘s three victories in a row are well enough to crown the Jetsurf rider of 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup Champion.

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Kornfeil excels at Saturday’s qualifiers in China

Saturday’s qualifying and heats at the MotoSurf WorldCup’s 2016 final round in China are concluded. Jakub Kornfeil came out ontop with Jan Charouz following in 2nd place.

Jakub Kornfeil and Jan Charouz are both well known racers and comfortably secured the Final A start.
A couple of mistakes cost the Championship leader Lukáš Záhorský placed him outside the top three and he took 4th.
Third fastest was Martin Šula. What a day for Helmut. A brilliant and clear ride put the hefty surfer from Prague to his first ever Final A appearance. His awesome performance brought well deserved applause from fans and riders in the paddock as well.

Locals Kenny Chan and Jeffrey Chan proved their speed and both finished inside the top ten. We shouldn’t forget there are still four places available in Final A for the fastest Final B racers.



MotoSurf WorldCup Prague Winners

It was an unfortunate race for Kornfeil who lost victory in the last lap. Jakub Kornfeil was dominating during the 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup weekend. He won the qualifying, took victory in all the heats and controlled the first race. Lukáš Záhorský finished behind him and home rider Jan Charouz came third. Second race went quite the same and Kornfeil opened a very comfortable leading gap. Unfortunately, the Czech rider crashed behind a lapper Jan Van?ura in a very last lap of the race and Lukáš Záhorský got a chance to take the lead.

However, Jakub got back to his board very quickly and continued the race in the first position. It seemed he stabilized the situation and would win the second round as well. Unfortunately, turbine on his craft sucked some dirt from Vltava River, slowed down and Kornfeil was relegated down to seventh. Lukáš Záhorský won from Jan Charouz and Slovakian youngster Sebastian Kubinec who grabbed his first ever MotoSurf World Cup Final A third place. Jetsurf founder Martin Šula finished fourth and top five was completed by Michal Loš?ák.


Second and first positions mean victory for Lukáš Záhorský and a second consecutive victory this season. Jan Charouz from Prague Jetsurf Club steped up to second spot and a bad lucker Jakub Kornfeil remained on the last podium spot. Sebastian Kubinec left Prague with excellent 4th and Martin Šula scored important points for the Championship in fifth.


Double victory for Aneta Šacherová

Jetsurf Factory rider Aneta Šacherová confirmed her amazing pace from Slovakia and dominated the Prague’s race with two first places. Aneta opened a comfortable gap in both races and scored second consecutive double victory. Second lady of the World standings Ale Rivas experienced an unlucky weekend. Mexican rider finished in solid 2nd in the first race but a technical fault prevented her of riding the board she is used to in the second heat. Only 8th place finish in the second round put her to 4th place overally.

Consistent Martina Bravencová from Prague Jetsurf Club scored 4th and 2nd place finish for second place overally. What a nice performance from the local club rider. Kristýna Šev?íková takes a premiere podium finish of hers – two consistent races with two third positions gave eventual third.

The next round of the MotoSurf WorldCup takes place in Amsterdam, Holland in one week time.


MotoSurf WorldCup Qualifying Heats Concluded in Prague

Women’s class qualifying for Šacherová

Jetsurf Mexico’s Ale Rivas was the first rider on the track to try her best within two laps. The Mexican racer performed well, a fast ride with 50:42 seconds on the finish line. She was leading the pack until Czech rider Aneta Šacherová joined her. The Factory Team rider pushed under fifty seconds per lap and 49.75 which meant the second consecutive pole position for Šacherová. Top three was completed by Aneta’s compatriot Tereza Tesaríková.

Kornfeil dominated the men’s category

Slovakian race winner Lukáš Záhorský rode the fastest lap of 55.38 and led the men’s qualifying standing. Championship leader Jakub Kornfeil left the spectators speechless. His 53.63 remained undefeated and the well known number 84 concluded the qualifying session setting the pace. The fight for 3rd place was on! It was occupied by Ivo Strouhal who was relegated by 2015 multiple podium finisher Michal Lošták and his 56.93. Jetsurf founder Martin Šula was another guy to change the current positions. Šula’s 56.67 was enough to overtake Lošták and took current third. However, Martin Šula didn’t stay inside the top three for long. Jetsurf Prague Club’s Jan Charouz lapped around the circuit within 56.48 and completed the top three positions.

Men’s Heats:

Jakub Kornfeil, Martin Šula and Jan Charouz dominated their heat groups scoring the victories in all of their rounds. Group D became very interesting because of a battle between Slovakian winner Lukáš Záhorský and Prague Jetsurf Club’s rider Jan Vancura. Záhorský who was the more successful in the end and finishes 4th after the heat rounds whilst Vancura concluded Saturday’s program in 11th due to two 5th places in heats.

Having Kornfeil, Šula and Charouz tied on points, the spots for tomorrow’s race start will be decided according to qualifying results. So it’s Jakub Kornfeil on the top followed by the second fastest from the qualifying Lukáš Záhorský and third Jan Charouz. Martin Šula stays fourth despite 4 heats victories. Sebastian Kubinec from Slovakia is 5th in front of Michal Lošták. Pavel Musil joins the Final A directly from 7th having won second heat of his group and the last rider who goes straightly to the final round is Ivo Strouhal.

The Final A line up will be completed by top four riders from Final B.


Men’s results



Jetsurfers on Vltava river, Prague

Women’s heats:

Jetsurf factory rider Aneta Šacherová showed her dominance once again and finished 1st in all the heats so there is no doubt she will start from the pole today. Second position was taken by Renata Kelmanová from Slovakia who continues in a solid pace from her home round. Winner of Mexican round Ale Rivas concluded the heats in 3rd overally from Kristína Ševcíková and Martina Lukscheider. Wild card rider and a 10 times kite surfing World Champion Gisela Pulido finished 10th.


Women’s results 



Women riders during heat sessions


Charouz strikes in Mexico’s MotoSurf World Cup qualifying

Over 40 international racers took part in the qualifying session for the MotoSurf World Cup premiere round in Cancún, Mexico. The world’s fastest Jetsurfers on their motorized surf boards fought for the heats starting positions. The timed session brought several surprises. Czech surfer Jan Charouz proved his great off season preparation and the fastest lap time of 52.16 seconds and scored his first ever qualifying session victory.

Another Czech Jakub Kornfeil was chasing Charouz for the top spot. Reigning World Cup champion’s best lap time of 52.86 was enough for second position eventually. Top three was completed by last year’s multiple podium finisher Lukáš Záhorský who stopped the clock on 53.66. Quickest rookies into the championship Petr Vencovský and Israeli Or Yanai finished in impressive 7th and 10th respectively. Jetsurf club hero Eran Druker concluded his qualifying session 14th.

There are not only men on the MotoSurf World Cup scene. The fact that also girls can be amazingly fast was demostrated by Mexican surfer Ale Rivas who dominated the ladies’ competition. Her 1:00.1 remained undefeated from Andrea de Urquindi. Third fastest female rider was Aneta Šacherová from the Jetsurf Factory Team.

Motosurf GP Championship Race in Cancun with JetSurf

Jetsurf is proud to be taking part in the annual Motosurf GP Championship race. The race is to be held between the 13-15th of May in the Chac Chi Bay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun Mexico. It features over 50 of the world’s top Motosurfing professionals. The way the bay is laid out makes it ideal both in terms of racing conditions as well as for fans watching the race ashore. The race will attract lots of fans and tourists who are eager to see the top MotoSurfing athletes go head to head.

The race will feature both Jakob Kornfeil of the Czech Republic & Martin Sonka the Red Bull pilot. After the race an awards ceremony will be held which will honor the 2016 winner as well as the previous 2 champions.

JetSurf will be livestreaming the event from our Facebook page, click here to like our page and get a notification when the race starts.

Below is a video of last year’s race:

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