Záhorský takes victory in Amsterdam

MotoSurf riders and spectators came to Holland for the fourth round of the 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup championship race. The Bosbaan rowing facility in the beautiful capital of Amsterdam was the location and it did not disappoint.

Ivo Strouhal leads the way after Friday heats in Amsterdam


The Heats

The timed sessions ended with two of the youngest riders of the field coming out on top. The championship leader Lukáš Záhorský was fastest with 42.67 and the best lap of the weekend at that point. Another teenage rider Sebastian Kubinec came in 2nd and continued in great form after scoring great 4th in Prague. Ivo Strouhal finally found his rhythm and took solid 3rd in Dutch qualifying.

Sebastian Kubinec happy with 2nd place in the qualifying


The Race

Following on the next day, the riders competed in two races and we saw many breathtaking moments out on the track.

Friday’s winner Ivo Strouhal grabbed the hole shot in the first race and led the way. Unfortunately, a successful weekend for Ivo ended soon after a crash and eventual 7th spot on the finish line. Lukáš Záhorský took the 1st place and hurried for the victory. He won the race and scored important 22 points for the championship. Absolutely heroic performance was shown by Martin Šula. After an accident in the first lap, he managed to build his race up from the back of the field and came in fantastic 2nd. Israeli Or Yanai did a great job – finished 3rd and made it to a chance of a podium scoring. Michal Loš?ák finally avoided all the technical issues and finished 4th. Mexican Jetsurfer Pablo Otero found a good rhythm and finished in solid 5th and appeared inside the top five for a very first time in his career.

Záhorský takes victory in stunning Amsterdam shootout

Men’s final results

Credit: Jetsurf.com

A Great Victory for Záhorský in the Slovakia Round of the Motosurf World Cup

Yesterday’s qualifying session was extremely close and certainly gave spectators some dramatic moments and exciting maneuvers.

Race 1
Jesturf founder, Martin Šula had a brilliant start to the race and lead the way from the early stages.

Šula was followed by Lukáš Záhorský who kept it consistent and retook first place. However, the championship leader Jakub Kornfeil who built his race up after a difficult start was also one to watch. In the end Kornfeil took the lead and won the race from Lukáš Záhorský and Martin Šula.

Race 2
Martin Šula’s great start again pushed him forward in race number two and he was leading until Ivo “Stroužek“ Strouhal managed to overtake Šula and grabbed the lead. It was young talent Lukáš Záhorský who successfully closed the gap of the leading Jetsurfers, went through the group and gained overall victory. First race winner Jakub Kornfeil had a very tough race due to a crash in the first corner after the start. Even with all his efforts, he came in fifth place giving him an overall second place. Ivo Strouhal competed with Matin Šula and Jan Charouz from Prague Jetsurf Club. The Prague based rider came third but stayed off the podium because of his first race retirement. At the end, Martin Šula took third spot and scored his first podium finish of the 2016 season.

MotoSurf WorldCup newcomers made an awesome debut. Sandro Gantar and Davor Štupar from Slovenia as well as Czech racers Robert Nešpor and Pavel Heiník joined the Cup’s for the very first time and already held the place of top ten riders.

The next leg of this exciting race will take place in beautiful Prague. Make sure to follow us on facebook for updates and details.



Photo credit: Jetsurf.com

Jetsurf Board Comparison

There is a Jetsurf that caters for every rider’s needs. From basic to advanced, novis to pro racer. Let’s take a look at what each of the models offer.

The Ultrasport and the Factory GP are for Jetsurfers wanting to have fun rather than race competitively.

While the Race, and Race Titanium (as they are appropriately named) are for more serious racers.

The Ultrasport model was developed for all types of Jetsurf riders including beginners and younger riders. The main difference between the Ultrasport and the Factory GP is the Ultrasport’s less powerful engine, however it’s smaller engine maximizes fuel efficiency. Apart from that it is durable, reliable and perfect for a fun riding experience for all.

The Factory model ups the ante, it is definitely a race board for fun, but was developed with the more experienced rider in mind, who is familiar with all types of watersports. It carries the same engine as the Race model but with additional safety and comfort features, it is usable in any kind of water.

The Race models are aimed at advanced JetSurf riders. Both Race models have different body shapes than the GP and Ultra Sport which allows for better maneuvers and higher speed.

If you are not a pro racer but still want to experience the feeling of real racing boards then the Race model is the right choice. It enables it’s rider to make really sharp turns reminiscent of riding a motorbike and to ride even steep waves.

The Race Titanium model is designed for Jetsurf racers. These boards have been developed in collaboration with world – renowned surfers and motor racing personalities to produce a top of the range board for racing and big wave surfing. It has a titanium exhaust and much more Torque power. Those with a competitive edge can utilize this board to race against others and feel the thrill of this racing machine.

JetSurf Race Titanium will be available to FIDSM (Fédération Internanational Du Surf Motorisé) only.

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jetsurf comparison

Justin Bieber on a Jetsurf!

We all know Justin Bieber knows how to have a good time. And this time, it was on a Jetsurf!

Taking a break in Monaco, Bieber, was seen having a blast on his Jetsurf on Monday.

Besides the singer, who shared some epic photos of himself on a Jetsurf with his followers on Instagram, some other Bieber colleagues and big name friends have also updated several photos and videos of crazy fun times they had while Jetsurfing.

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Check him out on his Instagram page. (Source)

The Journey of the Jetsurf

It’s Memorial Day weekend so Jetsurf decided to take a look back to where it all began and a look forward to where we are going.

Originally known as the ‘Jetboard’, it was one of the earliest, if not the earliest motorized surfboards, produced from 1957.
Yes, people back then wanted to have fun too!
The prototype was made of wood but this quickly developed as later models were made of aircraft aluminum by an aircraft company in California.


The Jetsurf as we know it, was built as a toy in 2006 and was fully established in 2008 by Martina Sula and his developers. With over 1,000 future enhancements the Jetsurf has become a lot faster and more dynamic. Since then, Jetsurf has sold more than 2000 boards worldwide.  Having just finished building a new factory which doubled the production, the boards are so popular that Jetsurf are selling more than they can produce.

So what’s instore for Jetsurf in the future? With a choice of current models and new developments in the pipeline including the Jetsurf Hybrid Concept, the future is looking bright.

Don’t miss out on the fun! Treat yourself to a Jetsurf – everyone should own one!

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Motosurf GP Championship Race in Cancun with JetSurf

Jetsurf is proud to be taking part in the annual Motosurf GP Championship race. The race is to be held between the 13-15th of May in the Chac Chi Bay in the Hotel Zone in Cancun Mexico. It features over 50 of the world’s top Motosurfing professionals. The way the bay is laid out makes it ideal both in terms of racing conditions as well as for fans watching the race ashore. The race will attract lots of fans and tourists who are eager to see the top MotoSurfing athletes go head to head.

The race will feature both Jakob Kornfeil of the Czech Republic & Martin Sonka the Red Bull pilot. After the race an awards ceremony will be held which will honor the 2016 winner as well as the previous 2 champions.

JetSurf will be livestreaming the event from our Facebook page, click here to like our page and get a notification when the race starts.

Below is a video of last year’s race:


Motorized Surfboards Take the Lead

motorized surfboards
Motorized surfboards are one of the most talked about pieces of technology. Not only are these boards easy to use but they are also loads of fun. If you traveling to or live in an area that is near a body of water that does not provide a high amount of waves, you have nothing to worry about with a JetSurf motorized board.

JetSurf boards removes the difficulty of surfing and exploring the waters in extreme fashion. When you’re on the water, you can enjoy the thrill while going up to 35 mph. Everyone has different skill levels so we have a board for every rider.

The JetSurf Ultra Sport board is designed for a beginner. Perfect for families and those with a hesitant approach to water activities. This board is strong and solid. Most of all, you will release your fears and embrace the fun you’re meant to have when riding this surfboard.

The JetSurf GP100 board has amazing abilities to handle all water conditions. Take this board to a lake or even a wave-filled ocean. Experienced riders will get a great challenge. Push your skillsets to the limit with this model.

The JetSurf Prorace board was designed for individuals who are accustomed to racing at full speed and in large waves. This motorized board model comes with an exhaust system exclusively made with extra power for when you need it. This board is built ready for any race.

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