Jetsurf Board Comparison

There is a Jetsurf that caters for every rider’s needs. From basic to advanced, novis to pro racer. Let’s take a look at what each of the models offer.

The Ultrasport and the Factory GP are for Jetsurfers wanting to have fun rather than race competitively.

While the Race, and Race Titanium (as they are appropriately named) are for more serious racers.

The Ultrasport model was developed for all types of Jetsurf riders including beginners and younger riders. The main difference between the Ultrasport and the Factory GP is the Ultrasport’s less powerful engine, however it’s smaller engine maximizes fuel efficiency. Apart from that it is durable, reliable and perfect for a fun riding experience for all.

The Factory model ups the ante, it is definitely a race board for fun, but was developed with the more experienced rider in mind, who is familiar with all types of watersports. It carries the same engine as the Race model but with additional safety and comfort features, it is usable in any kind of water.

The Race models are aimed at advanced JetSurf riders. Both Race models have different body shapes than the GP and Ultra Sport which allows for better maneuvers and higher speed.

If you are not a pro racer but still want to experience the feeling of real racing boards then the Race model is the right choice. It enables it’s rider to make really sharp turns reminiscent of riding a motorbike and to ride even steep waves.

The Race Titanium model is designed for Jetsurf racers. These boards have been developed in collaboration with world – renowned surfers and motor racing personalities to produce a top of the range board for racing and big wave surfing. It has a titanium exhaust and much more Torque power. Those with a competitive edge can utilize this board to race against others and feel the thrill of this racing machine.

JetSurf Race Titanium will be available to FIDSM (Fédération Internanational Du Surf Motorisé) only.

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jetsurf comparison

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