Kornfeil excels at Saturday’s qualifiers in China

Saturday’s qualifying and heats at the MotoSurf WorldCup’s 2016 final round in China are concluded. Jakub Kornfeil came out ontop with Jan Charouz following in 2nd place.

Jakub Kornfeil and Jan Charouz are both well known racers and comfortably secured the Final A start.
A couple of mistakes cost the Championship leader Lukáš Záhorský placed him outside the top three and he took 4th.
Third fastest was Martin Šula. What a day for Helmut. A brilliant and clear ride put the hefty surfer from Prague to his first ever Final A appearance. His awesome performance brought well deserved applause from fans and riders in the paddock as well.

Locals Kenny Chan and Jeffrey Chan proved their speed and both finished inside the top ten. We shouldn’t forget there are still four places available in Final A for the fastest Final B racers.



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