• Charging the Battery

    With your JetSurf you will receive a battery charger. This is very important, this battery charger has been partially designed for the JetSurf. You cannot use any other charger to recharge your battery. Before recharging your battery there are a few things you need to know... [ + ]

  • Fuel to Oil Mixture

    A 2-stroke engine powers the JetSurf. Meaning that you will always have to mix oil with your petrol. This is vital for the JetSurf otherwise you will damage your engine. We recommend you to use a 2-stroke racing grade oil. The mixture that you should use is 20 to 1... [ + ]

  • Fins

    Once you have taken your Jetsurf out of the bag you will see that there are 3 points for the 3 fins. 2 side fins and 1 center fin. First I am going to put on my center fin. Which goes over the top of the jet. You will see there are 8 Allen key bolts. Make sure you screw your rear fin nice and firm...[ + ]

  • Before Riding

    Now that our petrol tank is full, our battery is charged and our fins are attached, we are almost ready to start riding. It's always good to get into the habit of putting WD40 on your board before and after riding to avoid corrosion. First you want to insure that your battery is closed... [ + ]

  • Water in the Engine

    Next we are going to show you the incorrect way to get on to the board. Notice how the board is completely under the water. The board is taking on water and water will be in the engine compartment. Next we are going to show you how to solve this problem... [ + ]

  • After Riding

    After riding your board in salt water, it is always important to make sure that you wash your board down correctly. Right now I am going to show you how to do that. First thing you need to do is getting a hose with some fresh water... [ + ]

  • Shallow and Deep Water Start

    Right now I am going to show you a shallow water start. Stand next to the board and make sure that you are not sinking the board. Now you put the key in and wait 5 seconds until the board starts. Start accelerating making sure that the nose does not go under the water... [ + ]

  • First Ride

    Put the key into the handle and the board will start after 5 seconds. You will now knee first, then put the front foot in the front foot strap. Once you feel comfortable you will put the rear foot into the rear strap. Now you can balance with the handle and stand up.... [ + ]

  • Manual