Motorized Surfboards Take the Lead

motorized surfboards
Motorized surfboards are one of the most talked about pieces of technology. Not only are these boards easy to use but they are also loads of fun. If you traveling to or live in an area that is near a body of water that does not provide a high amount of waves, you have nothing to worry about with a JetSurf motorized board.

JetSurf boards removes the difficulty of surfing and exploring the waters in extreme fashion. When you’re on the water, you can enjoy the thrill while going up to 35 mph. Everyone has different skill levels so we have a board for every rider.

The JetSurf Ultra Sport board is designed for a beginner. Perfect for families and those with a hesitant approach to water activities. This board is strong and solid. Most of all, you will release your fears and embrace the fun you’re meant to have when riding this surfboard.

The JetSurf GP100 board has amazing abilities to handle all water conditions. Take this board to a lake or even a wave-filled ocean. Experienced riders will get a great challenge. Push your skillsets to the limit with this model.

The JetSurf Prorace board was designed for individuals who are accustomed to racing at full speed and in large waves. This motorized board model comes with an exhaust system exclusively made with extra power for when you need it. This board is built ready for any race.

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