Jetsurf Celebrating 2016 Motosurf WorldCup Championship ceremony

2016 Motosurf WorldCup Championship ceremony

The MotoSurf WorldCup 2016 champions were officially crowned. The fans, all JetSurf dealers, and many MotoSurf WorldCup riders saw the top three motorize surfers receiving their WorldCup trophies. Obviously, one rider with the most significant progress compared to last season. Being a top three contender for the whole racing season long, Jan Charouz managed to earn 101 points to slip inside the top three. Jakub Kornfeil might be a fast guy with amazing body strength. One thing he really missed this season – consistency. Not converting his average speed into a race heats success prevented Jakub of getting the title and he finished second having scored 126 points under his season. If anyone deserves to be named MVS ( Most valuable surfer this season, it definitely must be Lukáš Záhorský. He was amazingly quick and super consistent. That’s a tough combination to beat. His 156 points remain undefeated and Záhorský becomes the 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup champion.

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Prague Jetsurf Club’s Martina Bravencová constructed her season up with solid performances. She finished Third and made a promising gain for the next year’s run. Mexican rider Ale Rivas had a perfect start to the season. Unfortunately, she wasn’t lucky enough to keep the pace up and took the second spot in the standings. Aneta Šacherová did it. Her domination in the 2nd half of the series doesn’t put any questions on the water. Aneta‘s three victories in a row are well enough to crown the Jetsurf rider of 2016 MotoSurf WorldCup Champion.

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