Price Policy

All prices on our web site are the official prices of Jetsurf Boards.

If you will find different price most likely its not a real jetsurf Board as we found many companies trying to use our name for there products.

Prices on our site are the official and only prices available for our products.

If you will find any different price we will match it.

Jetsurf boards are being sold only by Authorized Jetsurf distributors network.

To ensure that products bearing the Jetsurf trademark meet the high quality And standards set by Jetsurf. We strongly recommend that only the Authorized Jetsurf dealers listed be used when purchasing any of our products

Buying a board from a non-authorized dealer will void any warranty on the boards.

If you found a better price please be prepared to direct our Associate to the ad or website that is displaying the current lower price you would like to match.

You can also call 212-951-1171.