Our story

Jetsurf is your premier leader in the motorized surfboard industry. Our company has grown to become one of the most innovative motorized Jetboard creators in the entire world. We use our experience and knowledge from Motosurf racers and engineers who strive to keep our equipment on the cutting edge of technology.

Our motorized surfboards are designed to give you the ultimate water Jet board experience with a fast turning radius, lightweight and unparalleled carbon fiber design. Jetsurf is proud to create products that are found in Motosurf World Cup races across the globe. Experience Jetsurf and see why our powered surfboards are considered the standard in the motorized surfboard industry.


Designed and assembled from the ground up, Jetsurf remains one of the rare companies In which it continues to produce parts and components in-house. Jetsurf has built exceptional gas engines for its motorized board designs. Jetsurf expertise with ultra-light materials developed to deliver ultimate power and exceptional accuracy.

Our attention to detail and supreme level of quality lets us provide our professionals and clients with a product built to perform at top levels. We have worked with leading companies like Red Bull Racing and KTM to produce engines and the K.E.R.S or kinetic engine recovery system. We have added these enhanced technologies to our gas powered surfboard to provide you with an unforgettable experience like no other.


Jetsurf vision is to be an industry leading water sport company that creates promote a new water sport category and new lifestyle on the water. We would like to inspire athletic achievements and challenge the limitations of water sport from building and improving new technologies to push human strength and abilities to max performance.



We take pride in the fact that each Jet powered surfboard we create is designed to use as little fuel as possible. Every powered surfboard uses our Greentech automation that aims to provide optimal power while using minimum amounts of fuel. We redesigned every electric surfboard component to fit our new Jet surf model of being energy efficient.

We only use lightweight carbon fiber materials for our water board Jet and pumps to reduce the gas and electric it takes to run considerably. Jetsurf is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations. For every Jet surfboard we create, we plant two trees to offset the environmental impact. Over time, the trees make up for the fuel our boards use so that we provide a zero-emission product that lets every buyer feel good about their water Jet board purchase.